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RPL Solutions.

We build custom Recognition of Prior Learning Programmes for Engineering Firms & Teams.


Apprentice training.

We train apprentices for MROs.


Classroom Delivery

Flight One School of Engineering Delivers in-class and high-school Aeroskills training in Adelaide, fully funded by the South Australian Government.


Corporate Aircraft Engineer
Training & Licencing Solutions

Flight One School of Engineering is your trusted partner for corporate aircraft engineer training. With comprehensive apprentice programs and CASA Part 147 Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for corporate groups, we equip aspiring engineers with the knowledge and certifications they need to excel in the dynamic world of corporate aviation maintenance, ensuring safe and efficient operations for your fleet.

Crafting custom training for MROs.

Flight One School of Engineering is your comprehensive destination for aircraft engineer training services. For corporate groups seeking CASA license outcomes, our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) service recognizes and validates existing expertise, fast-tracking your career aspirations. We also offer apprentice training services for MROs, ensuring that apprentices excel in their journey towards becoming skilled aviation professionals.

Beginners can take advantage of our South Australian Government funded programs, including the Certificate II high school program and in-class Certificate IV in Aeroskills, designed to provide a strong foundation for a rewarding career in aviation. Join us and let your aviation dreams take flight with our diverse range of training services.


A History of
Quality ENgineer Training.

Flight One School of Engineering has a rich and evolving history that reflects our commitment to excellence in aviation education. Beginning as the International College of Aviation Training (ICAT), we laid the foundation for quality training in aviation. With a vision to expand and offer even more comprehensive programs, we merged with Flight One Academy, a prominent institution in the aerospace industry and part of the large Tisdall Aviation Group.

This merger strengthened our resources and expertise, allowing us to provide a wider range of training services. Today, as Flight One School of Engineering, we stand as a dynamic institution, offering cutting-edge courses and industry partnerships that prepare our students for successful careers in aviation. Our journey has been one of growth and innovation, and we continue to set new standards in aviation education.

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S.A. Certificate IV in Aeroskills – Mechanical (Apprentice Stream)
MEA40718 – Certificate IV in Aeroskills (Mechanical)
S.A. High School Aeroskills (Adelaide)
MEA20418 – Certificate II in Aeroskills
Aviation High Aeroskills Programme (Hendra, Brisbane)
MEA20418 – Certificate II in Aeroskills
S.A. Certificate IV in Aeroskills – Avionics (Apprentice Stream)
MEA40618 – Certificate IV in Aeroskills (Avionics)
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S.A. High School Aeroskills (Adelaide)

Aviation High Aeroskills Programme (Hendra, Brisbane)

S.A. Certificate IV in Aeroskills – Mechanical (Apprentice Stream)

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